About Us

    Pintoro was started by two best friends since childhood, Anthony Pinto and Blake Luxoro, with an idea to help protect the owners of Nintendo Switch consoles. We've been huge Nintendo fans since we were kids and probably half of our friendship has been playing Smash Bros together, so it only makes sense that we'd be going in on a business together in this field.

    Anthony is a recent college graduate with a bachelor's in Computer Science, currently pursuing a Master's in Computer Science, and Blake will be graduating with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. With our two skillsets together, we've gone from drafting up the idea on paper, to creating a 3D Design, to crafting a homemade prototype, and finally to working with a manufacturer to have our product created with the highest quality we can offer!

    We've gone through all the steps of making the best product we could, and we hope that it will be evident once you have one of our products in hand. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, right up there with having a quality product that you would be glad to recommend to a friend. Have any questions? Check out our Contact Us page and we will be in touch as soon as we can!