Using comments on Reddit, feedback we've received, as well as some news sites, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the SwitchGuard, you'll find them below! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to send us a message on facebook, or an email! Check out our Contact Us page for more information!


Q: What if someone just takes the entire SwitchGuard and runs?

A: We included a security slot on the back of the SwitchGuard to be used in conjunction with a cable lock, this will allow you to secure the SwitchGuard to a table, monitor, tv, or anything else that is more difficult to move!


Q: The SwitchGuard is an enclosure for the Switch, what's the deal with heat?

A: We made plenty of cutouts for ventilation for the Switch, there's a cutout on top for the exhaust, and a cutout on the back that perfectly matches up with the dock's intake cutout. The cutouts on the side for cables to flow out of also double as another way for fresh air to circulate through the enclosure.


Q: How do you connect Joycons to the Switch if you can't access the rails inside of the SwitchGuard?

A: You can connect them via the Switch's controller menu! Check out the guide found here: https://www.imore.com/how-pair-extra-joy-cons-your-nintendo-switch


Q: How can you access the Nintendo Switch home menu for controller pairing without having a controller with a home button? (ie: All connected controllers are GameCube controllers, no joycons or pro controllers.)

A: There's a janky workaround possible we found on Reddit. In summary, if you access the language settings while in game, you can press b when the profile selection screen shows up, thus bringing you back to the home screen.


Q: How do you connect a Pro Controller to the console if you can't access the console directly?

A: You have two options! You can pair via the Change Controllers menu, or you can leave a USB C cable plugged into the port in the back of the Switch's dock for tournament goers to link up their controller!


Q: Couldn't somebody just smash the whole SwitchGuard and take the Switch out?

A: Yes, they could, however the SwitchGuard is meant as a deterrent - if someone came into a tournament venue with a hammer (Which should have been stopped in the first place) then them smashing open the SwitchGuard will bring a ton of attention to them. The SwitchGuard is designed to make it much more of a problem to try and just pick up and walk away with the console, supervision of the consoles by tournament organizers is still of course going to be required.